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Emotionally Intelligent Leadership (OPM WBT)

Office of Personnel Management

OPM’s goal for this course on emotional intelligence was to help Federal employees (especially managers) understand how emotions happen and build skills around managing those emotions in order to be a more effective manager. The big challenge of the project came in the need to engage a wide audience from different backgrounds. Since the majority of Federal employees are Myers-Briggs ISTJs who prefer concrete tools and practical information, we made sure that this course on emotional intelligence (a “touchy-feely” subject in some ways) foregrounded objective knowledge about how the brain works when it comes to emotion. To this end, the course begins with a dynamic video (created by PowerTrain) that dramatizes a relatable road rage scenario and demonstrates how such an experience affects your brain chemistry — and in turn, the emotions you carry into the workplace.

PowerTrain helped OPM fill an important need in the Federal Government by producing a highly impactful WBT, incorporating multimedia elements, high-fidelity simulations, and thoughtful interactions. Emotionally Intelligent Leadership is a course that sticks with you — holding benefits far beyond one’s professional life.

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