Human Capital

You've already got good people. Let us help you make them great.

Through PowerTrain’s human capital solutions, you’ll gain the tools and insight to transform your organization. We approach employee staffing with the perception that your people are your greatest asset. We’ll evaluate your employees’ current proficiency and value, and then show you how their future value can be enhanced through strategic investment.

PowerTrain will help you determine your organizational goals and provide your employees with clearly defined and consistently communicated performance objectives. Through rating, rewarding, and holding your employees accountable for achieving specific goals, we’ll create innovative solutions and support the continuous improvement of your business — together.

Talent Management

Our talent management solutions are comprehensive, integrated, and customized just for you. Unlike our competitors, we focus not only on hiring new talent, but also on improving the employees you already have. PowerTrain will help you get the most out of your people, increase job satisfaction, and reduce employee turnover.

At PowerTrain, we develop human capital solutions to support your organization’s specific missions and goals. Your people are your biggest asset — and our integrated solutions attract, manage, develop, motivate, and retain your organization’s talent.

Our services include: onboarding, career management, leadership development, learning and capability development, performance management, and talent acquisition. Let us help your organization’s talent reach new heights. Our customized talent management business strategies are fully integrated with the HR processes of your organization, which helps ensure that you get (and keep!) the top, most qualified talent. Every time.

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Human Capital Management

The key to successful human capital management is to recognize that your employees are an investment and so much more! With PowerTrain’s human capital management solutions, we look at your employees as more than a number — because your people mean so much more than hard data. Let us design, implement, and manage human capital systems that add exponential value to both your people and your organization.

When you revitalize your human capital management with a PowerTrain solution, you’ll look beyond recruiting and onboarding; you’ll learn the best way to manage each of your employees. Instead of focusing on top performers or new talent only, we’ll focus on individuals and their ability to progress long-term within your organization. We’ll engage your employees with your company and your brand, reducing employee turnover and increasing productivity.

Knowledge + Competency Management

Let PowerTrain provide the system support and tools for gathering, organizing, and converting data into useful information to be shared across your organization. Our solutions help with workflow optimization, document storage, and electronic records management (including data storage, recovery, and search). For example, our Workflow Management Systems (WMS) — PowerTrain provides turnkey WMS that can be structured to meet and support client process re-engineering and documentation efforts. PowerTrain employs rapid prototyping to produce and refine complex information systems providing you with the information that you need quickly.

Invest in the right technology, and you’ll be able to gain deeper insights on your employees. We want to make your management processes as efficient and helpful as possible. When you begin investing in the right technology and resource systems, you gain insights into improving your organization. Our knowledge and competency management systems will help you identify future leaders within your agency. Together, we’ll be certain that your people have the skills and competencies for success.

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Virtual Conferences

With the restrictions on government travel and limitations on real-world conference attendance, PowerTrain offers the solution of the virtual conference. Our custom virtual conferences offer the opportunity for Federal employees to virtually attend events from their desktops at the office or at home. By utilizing Adobe Connect, the virtual conference environment supports live and pre-recorded presenters, chat features, live Q&A sessions, and much more. Session recording and archiving are available as well to extend the life of your event.

PowerTrain has supported a number of Federal agencies in designing, coordinating, and overseeing conferences — including the OPM Benefits Officers Conferences — since 2002. Recently, PowerTrain coordinated the Best Practices Conference for the FAA Air Traffic Organization by creating an online conference registration feature, obtaining corporate sponsorships, creating presentation templates, and coordinating with the hotel on meeting space and refreshments.

The key to success in conference coordination is attention to detail. We create conference registration websites that can be easily customized for you. In addition, we employ detailed checklists for key elements such as shipping, setup, catering, rooms, corporate sponsorships, and conference shutdown. So, next time you need a conference solution, think virtual — and think PowerTrain.

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Virtual Hiring Fairs

Want to hold a hiring fair without renting a space, booking travel, or coordinating any of the physical setup? PowerTrain offers a solution with the virtual hiring fair (VHF). Both attendees and hiring officials can attend from their desktops at the office or home. Attendees can go from “booth” to “booth” to discover agency information and chat with hiring officials. Not only will PowerTrain create this virtual space for your use, but we’ll also help you set up your VHF landing page, sessions, job opportunity booths, interview links, and provide technical support.

By using a virtual medium, your hiring officials will be able to engage attendees and conduct interviews on the spot from the convenience of their home or office. And unlike with an in-person hiring fair, all of your presentations and transcripts will be archived so that you can use them in the future. PowerTrain is experienced at creating resources for virtual spaces. We’ll provide support with advertising, preparing communication documents, registration, configuration, captioning, and producing graphics.

The VHF is just like a real-world hiring fair, but better. So, instead of renting space, chairs, and tables, go virtual — go PowerTrain.

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