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Total Force Virtual Learning Center LMS

Air Force Civil Engineer Center

The Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC), Fire Emergency Services Division, at Tyndall AFB is responsible for providing Department of Defense (DoD) firefighters certification training in accordance with DoD Instruction 6055.06 to meet military and civilian firefighter certification requirements. Current training is delivered in a web-based and .pdf document format and is not available under the current .mil domain access restriction for 66 percent of Air Force firefighters and 75 percent of other Service component firefighters. PowerTrain developed a custom online training and PDF document delivery site in 2013 to provide hosting and help desk support for AFCEC's online course delivery. The site is now in its third year of operation, offering support for up to 50 courses for both military and civilian DoD Fire Emergency Services (FES) personnel. In addition, PowerTrain offers the technical expertise to provide hosting and help desk services for up to 750,000 firefighters and emergency responders for:

  • Enterprise-level hosting under a Federal authority to accommodate up to 80 courses
  • Help desk services to support the personnel and courses on the training delivery site

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